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Project Coordinator

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Associazione Culturale Progetto Musica Valeria Martina, Italy
Valeria Martina Association is primarily aimed at the dissemination of culture and music through research, promotion and development of young talents. It organizes concerts, masters, laboratories, workshops. It is active in the area of European projects, mainly focused on supporting the migrants' inclusion through Music and Arts in general. In recent years it has coordinated WECAN (Grundtvig), L-PATHS (Erasmus+) addressed to adults with fewer opportunities, especially migrants and refugees

Project partners 


Rosto Solidário work aims to foster global citizenship and solidarity by enhancing local communities’ human and social development.

The organization's scope of work includes four main areas: International Development Cooperation, Global Citizenship Education, Volunteering and Family-based Social Support.

Fondation Art and Culture    Sevlievo Bulgaria

“Foundation of art and culture – Sevlievo” is established with the aim to support and develop the cultural activities and artistic education of children, youth and adults. The Foundation works with the most eminent Bulgarian artists, writers, and composers. The foundation has different Arts clubs for regular project work with people from neighborhood communities, old people from a home for the elderly.

"Children of Sevlievo" is one of the various activity branches of the Foundation.

More than sixty learners aged 11-19 have regular music activities, rehearsals and concert performances in Bulgaria and in many other countries. In the region, there are minority groups of Vlachs, Turks, and Gypsies. They have a lower standard of living, but their children attend school. We work with them by engaging them in art, music, talking about their customs, studying their folk songs.

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Europe for Diversity Culture and Coexistence, Greece

Europe for Diversity Culture and Coexistence is a multidimensional non-profit institution actively involved in daily affairs to promote the principles and implementation of European values, integration, and preservation of heritage and culture

Alytaus muzikos mokykla Lithuania

Alytus music school was founded in 1957. 600 students study in Alytus music school. Their age varies from 3 to 76 years. The school implements musical and theatrical programs. The music school has integrated people with special needs. Since 2005 the school has been implementing international projects.


CCIF Cyprus established in 2016, with the MISSION is to support social inclusion of all citizens especially youth including those with fewer opportunities, through youth exchanges, networking, transnational initiatives and cultural dialogues. Our VISION is to empower youth irrespective of gender, social, cultural, or educational background for active citizenship, volunteering, tolerance, respect, mutual understanding, sustainable growth and life development.

Asociación cultural medioambiental Permacultura Cantabria, Spain.

Permacultura Cantabria is a Spanish NGO recognized of public interest thanks to its educational work and its contribution to the rural development of the area. The two main lines of work they follow were related, on the one hand, to sustainability and the natural balance (permaculture, bio construction, agritourism) and, on the other hand, to human development (personal growth, emotional intelligence, inclusion). They organize several kinds of non-formal training events aimed at multipliers (educators, adult trainers or youth workers) and adults, including disadvantaged populations (unemployed women, retired people, immigrant groups).


In the last three years, they were involved in different art-related projects, such as “Music, Drama and Storytelling Resources for Competence Building with Marginalised Adults" (2019-1-DK01-KA204-060174) or “DANCE 4 YOUTH” (2019-2-ES02-KA105-013785)

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