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Click the PDF to read each Learning Teaching Training Activity detailed planning. Watch photos and videos  from the local activities. You will be addressed to the physical mobility report by clicking the title

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Greek locals from Chania,Crete music lovers for I-Tales project 

Greek participants went deeply through family old storyies and collected old photos, narratives, pieces of music which will be displayed live throughout the physical meetings in the Greek language with english subtitles.

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This is a rebetiko tune prepared by Aaron Rouse in Chania, Crete,Greece with bouzouki for our Erasmus+I-Tales project.

The title is in greek ΜΠΑΞΕ ΤΣΙΦΛΙΚΙ

Μπαξέ Τσιφλίκι-Neoi Epivates (Young Passenger) is a small suburban town outside Thessaloniki. The origin of the Neoi Epivates-Young passenger was the arrival of 631 refugees from the town Epivates in Eastern Thrace as a result of the Greco-Turkish War (1919–22)

This is the summary poster of a local workshop conducted in Spain on the last 8th of May to prepare the third mobility, called ‘The New Country’ as part of the I-Tales Erasmus+ project!



Local seminars at Alytus Music School 2020-07-15/16; 2020-09-15 (3 days)

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