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Click the PDF to read each Learning Teaching Training Activity detailed planning. Watch photos and videos  from the local activities. You will be addressed to the physical mobility report by clicking the title

Bulgaria Drawing lab 1st.jpg
Bulgaria,1st Drawing lab.jpg
results of 2nd Drawing lab.jpg
Bulgaria, 2nd Drawing lab.jpg
00:00 / 01:00
Logo EDCC.jpg
Ga briel and thomas_NR.4 CHANIA DRAWINGS .001.jpeg
Greece_Mantinades_Poem_ workshop.001.jpeg
B_KRETA_Greece_Chania_Dances workshop 2.001.jpeg
1_NR.3 ΕΜΒΡΟΔΕΡΙΕΣ.001.jpeg
1_Greece_Mantinades_Poem_ workshop.003.jpeg
2_Greece_Mantinades_Poem_ workshop.002.jpeg
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