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The Old Country Memories

Venue / Duration: Sevlievo / July 21 - 25, 2021

Participants: n. 17 learners and n. 13 accompanying persons.

The mobility activities contributed to the achievement of the following medium-term objectives, in which the long-term objectives are "translated" for each mobility:

  • To connect us through Community Arts, which actively encourage participation and reduce alienation and isolation

  • To get people to express their emotions and feelings through arts

  • To know the facts, to reject falsifications and prejudices, because in the process of creating art we must have a desire to approach something new, skills to evaluate and solve problems

  • To increase the use of art by art in adult education

  • To make all learners aware that the differences between people give us the opportunity to become a richer society.

To read more about the activities, click the pdf

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